As the most complex type of bankruptcy, Chapter 11 reorganization requires highly skilled legal counsel. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, and operating throughout the state, Wernick Law focuses primarily on assisting debtors in obtaining Chapter 11 protection and achieving debt restructuring and company-wide reorganization. With over 15 years of experience and a remarkable record of success in complicated Chapter 11 cases, attorney Aaron Wernick helps businesses and individuals in Florida navigate the challenging substantive and procedural legal landscape of Chapter 11 reorganization.

Comprehensive Chapter 11 Representation

In addition to representing clients in Chapter 11 proceedings, Aaron handles other matters arising in and relating to Chapter 11, such as creditor and creditors’ committee representation and prosecuting and defending avoidance actions. In addition, he works with his clients post-bankruptcy in the area of asset protection, so that the value preserved or enhanced through the restructuring is protected going forward.

When a business or individual faces overwhelming debt or other distressing financial pressure, or is involved in time-consuming and financially-draining litigation, Chapter 11 reorganization provides a path to reorganize and reduce the financial burden and resolve existing litigation while keeping a company intact. Initiating the process establishes a “wall of protection” around the company, enabling the business owner to focus on running the business rather than on the distracting legal and debt-related financial issues.

In representing Chapter 11 clients, Aaron often handles related legal matters that are an important part of the bankruptcy situation, such as:

  • Department of Justice (DOJ) issues
  • Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issues
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS) controversies, including income tax and payroll / withholding tax matters
  • Medicare billing claims
  • Florida Department of Revenue actions
  • Federal and Florida Fair Debt Collection issues
  • Disputes involving lenders, landlords, suppliers and shareholders
  • Asset protection issues

These types of issues and others often create a financial situation in which a business or individual may benefit from initiating Chapter 11. As part of representation, Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney Aaron Wernick resolves the related matters for the client.

Ultimately, Chapter 11 protection allows a company to restructure operations, formulate a plan for a better future, and emerge more financially streamlined while having eliminated the burden of various legal and debt-related financial issues. As a Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney, Aaron Wernick applies exceptional skill and knowledge in guiding clients through the Chapter 11 reorganization process.

Time-Proven Record of Success

Aaron Wernick draws on his extensive Chapter 11 experience representing clients in sophisticated Chapter 11 reorganization proceedings. Aaron is certified in business and consumer bankruptcy law by the American Board of Certification and is recognized by Chambers and Partners for bankruptcy and restructuring in the Florida Spotlight Guide for 2024. He has built an extraordinary record of obtaining reorganization plan confirmation for approximately 95% of his clients. That accomplishment stands in stark contrast to the nationwide confirmation rate of about 15 to 20 percent, the generally reported statistic for Chapter 11 cases.

Aaron’s success flows from the high-level of his knowledge and skill, his steadfast dedication to protecting his clients’ interests, and his exceptional problem-solving and negotiation skills. Aaron successfully guides difficult cases to the finish line by focusing on what best serves the client and advocating for the client, while strategically and efficiently pursuing solutions that resolve disagreements and ultimately lead to confirmation of a reorganization plan.

Client testimonials demonstrate the success of Aaron’s approach and effectiveness of his skills. In addition, the legal profession holds Aaron in extremely high regard for his Chapter 11 work, with both attorneys and judges complimenting his skills and accomplishments.

Creative Solutions to Challenging Problems

Aaron’s strong problem-solving skills are one of the primary reasons for his success in Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases. Few lawyers fully understand the ever-changing, complex substantive and procedural aspects of Chapter 11. Even fewer have the skills and agility to navigate the process creatively, and to find solutions to difficult issues that arise during the Chapter 11 reorganization process. Aaron enthusiastically embraces the legal details and draws on his natural ability to resolve problems by exploring options that not only protect his clients’ interests but provide win-win solutions for all parties, allowing for a smoother confirmation process.

Negotiation and collaborative compromise are fundamental parts of any Chapter 11 reorganization proceeding. Aaron understands that successful negotiation is the key to obtaining Chapter 11 protection. He works efficiently and relentlessly to identify and resolve obstacles to plan confirmation. At the same time, he does not waste energy or resources on objectives that do not serve his clients’ goals. By utilizing his strategic negotiation skills to identify solutions and settle disputes, he avoids unnecessary confrontation and aggression that could derail the process. Nonetheless, Aaron zealously litigates for his clients when the need arises, and the situation calls for more aggressive strategies.

Personalized Client Attention

Unwavering attention to client needs is a cornerstone of the practice at Wernick Law. Every client receives the highest level of service throughout representation.

Aaron demonstrates his unparalleled dedication to clients by meticulously addressing the complex legal issues and also by providing calm, steadfast, and reliable support every step of the way. He listens carefully to every question and concern a client expresses and always responds thoroughly. Clients value Aaron’s ability to educate them about the process and explain complicated information in a way that is easy to understand.

Efficient, Technology-Based Approach

Efficiency is a core component of the successful practice at Wernick Law. The firm leverages technology, as well as enhanced administrative and management systems, to work efficiently and cost-effectively. With the goal of minimizing client costs to the fullest extent possible, the team works in a highly organized framework that avoids wasted time and redundant tasks. The emphasis on technology and organization improves focus and productivity, in addition to benefiting clients by saving costs.

Additional Information and Inquiries

Wernick Law welcomes businesses, individuals, and referring professionals wishing to learn more about the firm’s Chapter 11 reorganization bankruptcy practice to schedule a consultation by calling 561-961-0922 or using the online contact form. Based in Boca Raton, Wernick Law serves clients in South Florida (including West Palm Beach, Broward County, and Miami), Southwestern Florida (including Naples and Fort Myers), Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, and elsewhere in the state.