Chapter 11 for Businesses

If a business faces insurmountable debt, other significant financial distress, or time-consuming and financially-draining litigation, Chapter 11 bankruptcy provides a process for the business to reorganize, restructure, and reduce debt over time, whi… Read More

Chapter 11 for Individuals

An individual facing insurmountable debt or other financial distress may use Chapter 11 reorganization bankruptcy to restructure and reduce debt, while remaining in possession of property and assets and receiving protection from the bankruptcy court.… Read More

Creditors’ Committees

In a Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization proceeding, the unsecured creditors’ committee often plays a significant role and may influence the outcome of the case. Florida Chapter 11 bankruptcy lawyer Aaron Wernick provides counsel and representatio… Read More

For Referring Professionals

The practice at Wernick Law focuses primarily on representation of businesses and individuals in Chapter 11 reorganization bankruptcy proceedings. Many of the firm’s clients originate from referrals by lawyers and other professionals. As an experie… Read More

Small Business Bankruptcies

Chapter 11, Subchapter V of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code provides a special process through which qualifying small businesses may restructure, reorganize, and reduce debt over time. The process allows the owner to remain in possession of the business and… Read More